Yesterday, Bethesda teased their next big project with a short, albeit cryptic video clip of some barbed wire, a flash of light, and a spinning vinyl 33 1/3 LP by The Moonlight Trio and George Shackley. Keen eyes can see Johann Sebastian Bach and Air on the G String immediately after. Today, they have released another teaser which shows a blurred image of a man standing behind what appears to be a barbed wire fence and burning sunflowers with (what people who have played the video backwards have reported) a muffled Stairway to Heaven playing in the background.

Bethesda said in an interview last week that it would be making "considerably more noise in 2013." What could this mean?

Bethesda also denied rumors that the teasers were Fallout-related, though they are backing Shinji Mikami on his Project Zwei, which is supposedly a new iteration in the Wolfenstein series.